Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas preparation.  We have finally gotten our systems rebooted around here and I think we are on the mend.  We will see what the traveling gets us.  Usually we come back with one of us at least not feeling well. 
We have been doing lots this year to get prepared for christmas.  It has been so different this year having two little ones who want to help and be a part of everything.  When I say different, sometimes that is good different and sometimes it, well just takes alot longer.  Which I guess isnt' a bad thing. 

The other day Jackson and I wrapped presents.  He helped hold the paper and then he carried all the no breakable presents to the tree.  He was so cute....he got so excited when he found out who each gift was for.  It is great that he hasn't asked one time, if there are presents under the tree for him...he is much more excited about the ones he is giving to others.  Trust me this is not something that he got honestly from his mama...I was always curious about which present was for me....  My mom usually had to hide the presents and wrap them just before...because we were to nosey.  The hunt was always so much fun. 

We recieved a gingerbread house from one of Jackson's doctors at Riley.  WE are keeping it in the garage until next week when we are going to put it together...everytime he sees it...he gets all sweet and says: mama, my gingerbread house, awe.  He is so stinking funny sometimes.  I think I am mainly waiting for a time with some help.  I can't imagine...frosting, trying not to break pieces and an 18 month old weapon of mass destruction running around that = wait for a weekend with Daddy. 

I gotta say all in all this year has been the best so far with Christmas preparations...it has been fun having the kids participate in things and get so excited about everything: the tree, santa, singing happy birthday to Jesus, singing christmas songs, watching christmas movies and making lefsa with Nana Corrine.  There is not one thing that has topped anything else...but it has been a joy watching the two of them enjoy the season with us.  WE are So BLESSED!!!

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