Wednesday, December 29, 2010

on busy season that flies by so quickly.....

Christmas with four children 3 and under is definitely different than what it was with newborns or even just with adults.  They add such a different feel and the time together really becomes all about them.  As I have shared earlier and on Jackson's caringbridge site...he was so excited to give others their presents before the holidays.  He could hardly wait.  However I have to say, once he learned that he got presents from people the joy of giving to others slightly was minimized and the joy of receiving became a much bigger priority.  All in all he did great...even when his sister tried to steal his present. 

 Christmas pj picture #125...oh the joys of three toddlers and an infant when trying to get a posed picture. 
 The joy was high and in full swing with all the kiddos even with very few naps.  Sleeping was not a high priority for any of them. 
 it will be so much fun next year when all four are running around and full of energy.  I think we might need to hire a sitter if we think that the traditions of games and puzzles are going to continue...but we did get one more year in.  We accomplished a 1000 piece puzzle and a 1/4 maybe a 1/3 of another. 

 Jackson even decided he was big enough to play the adult scrabble involves spelling little man...maybe in a few more years. 
All in all the Schrock Christmas was a great time and we look forward to many more in the future.  We even seemed to make it through this one with no sickness....Tims' family Christmas to come.....waiting on the pictures...

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