Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Great things and lots of sickness

Wow it has been a while. Sorry. Haven't really been able to get on the computer. Well as most of you know I have been working two jobs and seeing My wonderful husband only about twice a week and once on the weekends. Well as of next week this is going to change. I am in the process of excepting a job at Unforgettables a scrapbooking store. I am going to help fill in on weekends for their crop nights. I am so excited. Finally a job with something I love to do. Then during the day this summer I am going to be doing a camp with Mentally challenged students. Can't wait this is going to be so much fun... I am doing crafts and recreation twice a week. FInally a chance to be creative again and plan lessons.

This year I have felt so unchallenged in my job. I keep praying that God will bless me with a teaching job for next year so I can be challenged and more creative with what I do. Keep praying for me. I have a meeting with the Middle school principle on Thursday to discuss my options for next year. I saddens me to think that I might have to start over in another job next year. It also completely stresses me out to think about not knowing what I am going to do again. I keep reminding myself to give all my anxiety to God...the philipians verse is tatooed in my brain.

I really think the stress and busy schedule has gotten to us. I got sick about a week ago, then Adrian came back from pennsylvania sick and then Macy got something that caused diarhea and vomiting and she just stopped eating her food. Then the next night I found red circles on her belly that looked like she was bit by something...so we headed to the vet another $60 bucks down the tube. Why is it that pets, kids they both get sick about the time you have no money...it is interesting how this always happens. Anyway I believe I and Macy are on the upswing but Adrian is still stuffed up and congested in his chest. Allergies on top of it don't make life very comfortable.

Hope everyone has a great week.

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Darcy said...

OH man!! I hope the Shrock household is feeling better. =/ Even the dog got sick? Wow.. you know it's bad when all the peeps in the house are sick.. and then the dog gets the runs. =/

YEAH!! about your job at Unforgettables!! So excited for you. =) That's gunna be so fun. I'll have to stop by while your working some day!! That store is so stinking cute. =)

Hang in there with the job situation. It will all work out.. just may be stressful in the meantime. =( God knows what's up. =)