Thursday, May 25, 2006

Macy Update

Ok so to give you an update....Macy is still in the process of trying to pass whatever she ate. the vet is not sure what she has inside her.. He now says she may have swollowed a sock as well. Dogs will eat the darnest things.. I frustrated that the vet made all these emergency decisions and is now telling us we just have to wait. The ergency at the beginning as subsided I guess. I think he just wanted to take our wasn't our usual vet...which bothers me a little. We went to him at the beginning but switched to the sister of a teacher I work with because I know that she comes highly recommended.
Anyway that is where we stand with macy...she is still not acting sick at all. Plays and runs just as much. I think she is ok.

I also went to a meeting about the camp I am doing this summer and I am really excited about that and started at Unforgettables too...and I like that too. so this summer is going to be fun. will make it go fast. I so much enjoy fall over the summer...also they are all working around me going home which is wonderful. It is awesome when people are willing to work with you.

Three more days at school and I got a lecture from my mom over email today that I need to be just as excited for these days as I was at the beginning of school...I am actually pumped about the next few days...who wouldn't be excited about watching finding study the marine ecosystems...three hours a day. Well peace out for now. I will continue with updates on Macy...definitely if she poops a sock. That would litterally crack me up. hehehehe

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Elizabeth said...

sorry about your pup!!!
at least she is not in any pain... is'nt it fun to search thru poop????
I think i'd rather opt for the human(baby) kind =)
glad you're going to have an awesome summer.. can't wait to hear about your camp!