Thursday, May 18, 2006

LO for the contest

ok so i promised that I would let you guys see the LO i entered into the Unforgettable Idol contest. So here they are.

This is a LO in the wedding album. Love this one. I had such an adorable picture to start with. I couldn't resist entering this one as my first LO. The next LO I did was a pic of my new SIL it was so fun to do...had a great time with the colors and got to use some Heidi Swap stuff that I thought was stickers and it turned out it wasn't.

This one is the last one that got displayed...because I lost the contest by 1 vote.

Before the next page I did was displayed.

This page I did called Little Miracle was done in honor of Chase Meyers...and the March of Dimes relay. We raised money this year and walked because Chase was the Elkhart Poster child. So I thought it would be a great way to advertise the March of dimes...tell Chases amazing story and show case and adorable picture...But one vote cut us off short.

Journaling says:
Born 1lb 8 oz 12 inches was a true miracle. He went through countless operations and illnesses. Thanks to lots of love, prayers and the March of Dimes, Chase is a happy, healthy little boy today. March of Dimes Poster Child.....May 20o6. It was a blast to create.

So that was the contest. Thought I would leave you with an adorable Picture of me and macy and a beautiful thing that comes from all this rain.

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