Thursday, May 11, 2006

definitely smoking something

ok so the American public is smoking crack...seriously. for those of you that do not watch American idol...the American public has lost it. Last night they did the worlds worst thing ever....they voted of the greatest singer ever...Christ Daughtry....these people are crazy. I guess it really doesn't matter because the people that sign this dude are going to make a fortune and I am sure that today he was called with offers. he is amazing. ok i am done for now I swear.

Today i was officially hired at the local scrapping store...I will be there every saturday...come visit. it is going to be a blast. love the idea of working with something I love...never really had that before. still sick around her. Adrian is miserable. He makes such an irritable sicky...,but it is cute. I put up with it and he could get away with about anything.

Macy has mended well... i have an adorable picture of her. she is my baby...I wish I could get the camera program to let me download on to my page but I can't get it to work. I have to go this weekend to make pictures so I will get a CD and post some pics.

this means JW I will have the pictures from the wedding in Chicago too. i Will make a post dedicated just to you and your pictures of your phantom date. They crack me up.

Do you ever wish you could have a flash into the future, just to know what was I write that I realize that it might not all be good and I don't really want to know anymore. I am just ready to have anxiety over with. I hate waiting. I give off the impression that i am a patient person, but it is not really it is a facade. I really appreciate all the prayers for my job...I wish i could give you answers but it is going to be a couple of months. crazy I know. TGIF Enjoy your Friday. The weather is crazy they are talking snow in Michigan. The high tomorrow is 46....not normal for May.....buuuuurrrrr.... ENJOY

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