Friday, August 18, 2006

the amazing moments of life

school started. I wasnt' so excited to go back this year. I had a few pit falls in my life plan. i thought I had a chance at a teaching job this fall and that fell through. I then thought I had a job at another school. I really thought I was a shoe in, that didn't work either. So I found myself back at GMS. Excited to have a job, but tenative, not knowing where I was going to be assigned. So Wednesday August 16th I headed off to school at 7:30. a little earlier than normal to check things out and talk to the teachers I would be working with. I got there about 7:50 and talked to a few friendly faces in the hallway. When I reached my supervisor from last year, I was disappointed to find out I was going to be working in the eighth grade. This meant new teachers, the same students I have worked with for two years, and a completely new curriculum. A more difficult curriculum, no more sixth grade science and easy math. I was now in American History, physical science, and ALGEBRA!!! All Subjects I love and that come really easy for me, except English, because 8th grade english is reading comprehension and writing....creative writing and research papers....eeeeekkkkk!!!!! I hate writing. Especially if someone is going to correct my punctuation and stuff. At least in blogger other than horrendously spelled words or using the complete wrong word, we really don't critizize or make fun, right? I am expected to help the kids learn the right way to do things and honestly I don't think I know the right thing...scary huh?

It wasn't until today that I really felt comfortable back at school. See there are a few things I look forward to each year that really has nothing to do with the students...more to do with staff comrodery...eating lunch with the same teachers for two years, the funny jokes and friendly banter in the hallways, and just a trust that gets built in your abilities. I was really worried that this had all disappeared and "It just wouldn't be the same". But I found a new group of lunchmates...incredibly funny, not the same but It is a chance to bond with some new people. The friendly banter in the hallway still happens with my one close friend (scrapbooking buddy) that teaches 8th grade, and I get to learn new things and improve on my blogging in 8th grade English class.. see they have these writer's notebooks and during this time I can't help the I get to write too. It is truely a great place to keep track of the cool God moments, possible scrapping journaling, and just blog ideas. It is great. A great way to observe the great moments of the day. It is really fun. So I will end this crazy blog with a few funny stories from the first days of school.

first: I have a student, a bit of a trouble maker, that I have worked with for the last two years. He has been ritualistic about not bring the supplies he needs to class. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. So today we were sitting in English class and they are required to bring a three-ring binder to class by today to get 5 extra credit points...and then they need to keep all of there stuff in here all year. I just assumed based on the past that he would remember to bring he brought everything that he needed...his comment was I thought I would leave a good impression, it is my last year hear. I thought we tried to make a good first impression with people not a good last impression. But I guess kids look at it different these days. I don't know.

the best story ever is this one: a little sixth grader walked up to the 6th grade principle yesterday. He said "Mr Mast, I could you help me get my schedule" Mr Mast said, "what do you have in your hand" , he thougth it looked like the yellow schedules we had handed out the day earlier. the kid replied, "that is yesterday's schedule I was wondering if you could get me today's schedule."

I thought this was the cutest and so funny I had to share. Kids are so darn funny all you can do is laugh. I truely am enjoying my schedule this year and love the new teachers I get to work with. It is also challenging to learn a new curriculum. It keeps you on your toes.. the great part is when you don't know the answers there is always the teachers manual. God must have really known what he was doing, i must have had more to learn before I was ready. All I know is I am going to take full advantage of the opportunity and learn as much as I can. Remembering to trust in God, he truely wants the best for all of us.

Have a great weekend.

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