Thursday, August 10, 2006

Randomness (A little Idea out of Darcy's blog)

**Ok so i just have to say for you scappers out there. Stop in to the store we got the most incredible MME paper in . Rachel C Check out her blog. she is one incredible designer. She never fails with her amazing use of ribbon and paper. She wasn't lying when she was in awe of the Bohemian line of paper. the embellishments are amazing. I am having so much fun making lo for the store.

Ok that is my plug for unforgettable: memories in the making. I have been working there all week. It has been so much fun. I can't wait until that can be my only job. that will be when my hubbie makes enough for both of us. Some day...I love dreaming.

**I have been amazed lately at home much money can control your life if you let it. It is really easy to fall into the view point: just a little more money will make everything better. Just a little more. I am fighting that view point.

**well i let some of you know that I was speaking at my church last saturday. It turned out I talked about trust wounds and healing. It is no wonder that I didn't feel I had it all under control. due to the message being about trust. God just wanted me to trust him. It took a friendly reminder from my amazing husband. I believe that preparing this message and presenting it was really all a lesson for me from God. I really believe I was able to get over a hump in growing deeper. I am just glad that it helped some others along the way as well. I am so humbled by the chance to speak at 808. It was good despite my feelings of wanting to puke. hehe. see i have trust issues. A cute story. Adrian and I usually don't talk alot on our way to church...but this time he so wanted me to think about something else that he talked the entire way to Goshen. that would be 20 -25 minutes of straight talking. I would even pipe in little comments about how nervous I was and he would just keep on talking like he didn't really hear me. I finally called him on it. It was so incredibly sweet of him.

I am so excited to have a night out with my husband this Friday, and a few other people, like 10 or so. We are heading to the funny bone and dinner. I will have pictures next week I promise.

*just a note to anyone who cares. We are having a big yard sale at Unforgettables on Saturday. We open early at 8 am. Come check out the new stuff and see the cheap yard sale items.

THis was kindof fun....I might try it again. Enjoy my random thoughts for now.


christy said...

here's a random quote to go with your random post -

"you have to be rich just to die"

that quote came from a show I was watching the other day when a couple of doctors (rich doctors) picked up the tab for one of their patient's funerals because the family was dirt poor. They couldn't even afford the casket. When her widowed husband said the above quote, it just made me realize how much money controls our lives. It stinks ... I wish there was a way to figure out how to stop it from having so much control.

So that wasn't just a random quote, but also a random comment ... oh well ... all the randomness together is fitting!


Darcy said...

LOVING the random post!!!It's good just to get all your randomness out there. =)

Great job with the speaking!! Adrian is too cute.. he had a very good idea about the non-stop-chatter. =)