Monday, August 21, 2006

Great news

Last week I got great news on Monday I am an aunt fcr the third time so cute.
She was normal sized, healthy and adorable. Brietta Lynn . Here is the four of them. Mom, Syd, Lauren and Bri. Too cute. or so I thought. Until this pic arrived. Look how precious

She is just to cute. WE are not use to the large amounts of black hair. Must be from Sara's side. It is so hard to not be there to hold her. I can't wait til the next time we go home and the first time we get to hold her is.


Darcy said...

Awe... she is adorable!! Congrats on #3, nichole!!!

christy said...


She is so cute! I bet it is so incredibily hard to be that far from your family and little neices! Especially the cute new addition. She really is adorable ... I bet you are one proud aunt.