Thursday, August 31, 2006

Great day!!! My dog ate my earrings

So today was the first day I had to teach a class at the LSS. I was totally freaked. I have no problem teaching kids...but ADULTS>>>Freaky>>>>Scary>>>Intimidating. I don't know why but doing anything in front of my peers I am completely nervous. So I got there early and did some extra computer stuff for my MIL. She doesn't get along so well with a computer. So I help her out. She is the manger at the LSS. Then came six o'clock...the starting time for my class and NO ONE was there...can I repeat NO ONE!!!!! Now I thought I got stood up. that made me sad. How disappointing to go through all the prep work and then not have people show. OH well they paid right!!! I got there money. Then about 15 minutes later two of the three showed lady totally inconsiderate. Didn't call to say she couldn't make it...she just didn't show. Nice Huh? the ladies were great and we had a great time and there blocks turned out great. I will take a picture tomorrow and post it this weekend. They are really great. It is going to be a monthly class at the store. It was great to start with a little class. It made it alot easier.

So I got home alittle bit ago and let Macy out of her kennel. I wasn't home more than 10 minutes and she snatched my earring of the end table and ran off. I couldn't tell what she had right away until I heard the crunch and saw one was missing. Then I chased her on our usual path and she of course got away enough and was too quick for me. In the process she swallowed the earring. ONE OF MY VERY FAVS. It almost makes me want to cry. This dog...what is she an alien. I don't know. I guess it is only a material possession. There just won't be another pair like those. SAD, SO SAD.

Have a great Friday!!!! :)


Darcy said...

Yeah for the class teaching, Nichole!! Hey, you just preached a few weeks back, that was in front of adults, right? You're a pro. =)

Sorry about your earing. =/ She couldn't have eaten the earings you aren't so fond of, could she? You know what you COULD do to find the earing.. right? =) Ewe.

Anonymous said...

hi sweets! I'm messing around on the computer tonight and i'm so glad I came to your site, what an adorable new niece!! Never sent your anniversary card, but I still have it, should I save it for next year? hee, hee. Let me know if you're coming to PU for a game. We're not bringing the motor home every game just doing smaller tailgates with the family van! This weekend we're back in the same spot with the RV. You probably have to work at the scrapbooking store on Saturdays? Email soon. luv ya. dena