Tuesday, April 18, 2006

beautiful days and faith in God

I love the spring it is so beautiful to watch the trees budding...i know i know I already said this a million times. But it is so cool to me. Anyway...Need some prayer I am sending in my College application stuff at the beginning of next week and really want everything to work out. Then I am applying for a teaching job, that I would do on an emergency license...it is all really scary to me...but everyone says I would do a great job. Teaching doesn't scare me...but the interview does. Keep praying for me. It would allow me to not have to work three jobs and have much more time to spend with family...and I would be going back to school which I have wanted to do for three years. Put it this way Dreams would be coming true. It would be great.

Macy is getting huge.. she is about 59 pounds...we picked her up and weighed her tonight. The whole..weigh yourself then subtract thing...it was ingenius. she is great. I don't know if I told you all what she has been up to lately...but lets just say I am out of black dress shoes...as of last week she used my favorite pair as a chew toy. She is great though...she does always leave one still usuable. So don't laugh when you see me wearing flipflops that don't match this summer i am just utilizing what I have. Dress shoes will be harder because one pair is one inch heals and the other is about an inch and a half...it would be a little lopsided. But very funny. I might have to try it and see if anyone notices. I am going to try the picture thing tonight. we'll see if it works.


Darcy said...

You'll be a great teacher, nichole!!! Good luck with your app's.. we know you can do it. =)

Macy has a thing for black shoes, eh? Does she think it's a nice piece of meat or something? Cutie head.

Elizabeth said...

good luck with your apps!! I know what a stressful time that can be.
and I totally relate to the shoe thing.. I lost several flip flops and a pair of tennis..
hey, its a good excuse for new human shoes!
you'll have to post new pics of your baby =)