Thursday, April 06, 2006

Are you kidding me......

Did anyone watch AI canning last night. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the final three. I know it was country and a little out of Mandesa's comfort zone but the girl has pipes. what was America thinking? ok now that I got that off my chest...can I say hottie....Ace didn't really do very well. Also can you imagine the next big, newbie to the seen of music...title CD "Ace"...ok I went a little far but come on. think about it..Chris did an amazing rendition of a Keith Urban song and my girl Kelly naive as she may be...rocked the house. Now did any one think that Kenny Rogers had cosmetic surgery..he has lost alot of weight (maybe gi surgery) but no flab come that possible. Ok enough of my rambling about my hidden addiction. But while we are on the subject of addiction...I have to confess...I have a scrapbooking paper addiction....I spent the day 8am-5pm scrapbooking at the middle school with my fabulous teacher friends and I got a chance to organize my paper and I couldn't believe my is a bit on the obsessed side of the sanity line. but i made and adorable page of my flower girls in my wedding and It was suggested to me to enter it in this contest. Unforgettables is doing a scrapbooking idol contest...don't worry it really has no connection with my previous obsession I swear..just a catchy title. We basically have weekly judging my the costumers to see who goes on to the next round to create another LO..then judged again. then in the semi's you get twenty dollars to pick out whatever you want in the store to create your final 12x12 LO...either 2 pagers or 1...I am preferring 1...but i am going to have to show versatility. We'll see how it goes. I am going to try, I am going to need major help not feeling like a failure when I don't win, my friends were helping today...Thanks guys for the amazing love and compliments. Someday I am going to learn to live knowing I am loved but until then i bask in the compliments...and love giving them out. I would post my lo but I haven't figured out how.

later I have to get to bed..have a great day. I will keep you all updated on my progress..i will even admit if I get canned in the first might be a humbling experience.


Elizabeth said...

glad to see you are back!!how lucky are you to scrap all day like that!!
can't wait to see your stuff..
and yes, I am right there with you..
though, my addiction is buying stuff, and then not using it!!
you should post on 2peas... and you'll soon gain another addiction.
AI.. don't know whats up with that???
they will all find fame somewhere!

Darcy said...

Hey, Nic!!!

Good luck on the contest... all you can do is try your best and enter, right?

I don't watch AI so I can't comment.. =/