Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Random things....

I made it through the first round. Now I just have to have votes. I don't have very many people who frequent the store. so I don't have very many votes. oh well. we will find out next saturday. if I made it to the next round.

got a lead on a new job for next year. would be making enough money to pay the bills. it would be great. Please pray that it all works out. i truely believe it is what I am suppose to be doing.

Adrian is wrapping up busy season this week, we had our washer break down. it is a bummer I was just at the end of a 2 week spree of doing no laundry. it is great that the weather has turned to spring so I have a new assortment of clothes to wear. we found out it needs like 4 new parts. the warranty company might just be buying us a new one. I would love that.

Tonight I had a partylite/mary kay party. it was a lot of fun just to have people over to the house. it was like a girls night. loved it. bummed that more poeple couldn't make it. but they had good reasons so it is ok. plus, for every person that came...i got free money towards my mary kay purchases...it was awesome. i restocked and am trying some new things as well...alot of fun, love trying new things...there is a lil bit of an adventure to it all. I know it is just make-up but it is still an adventure...lil things have become adventuresome for me. I find joy in the little things.

Went to a beautiful wedding this weekend. to see pictures of the bride check out Darcy's blog, there are a bunch of pictures of bridesmaids and the bride. Erin looked radiant and everything was totally her. She decorated at 808 and made the place look stunning. If I would have known it could look like that. I would have had our wedding there. The afternoon was gorgeous cool weather. It was definitely a day blessed by God. The ceremony was beautiful...can't say more than it was a blessed day.

Well I gotta get to bed. i will chat with you all later.

by the way cous...congrats on the wedding...at the Justice o peace.. enjoy the training...I have you in my prayers while you are away from Jaime. Love you.

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Darcy said...

Yeah for making it to round 2!!! Take a pic of your page with your new digi so we can see it!! I'm not gunna be that way anytime soon or I'd stop by and vote.. =/

Yeppers.. Erin's wedding was beautiful and you could feel the blessings. Aren't you happy that it was finally her turn? She's been such a good friend to so many people. =)

Also congrats on your washing clothes hiatus. =) Gunna stink when it's fixed though, isn't it?