Saturday, April 15, 2006

WOW!!! I can' t believe how fun this has been....

Yesterday I went to the local scrappin' store to talk to my mother in law about easter, and to drop off my 2nd LO.. for round two. I made the cut I found out today.. we are down to six LO. it has been a blast. I have some pretty stiff competition all of the LO are so cute. Once again if you are in the area...stop by and vote...but only for #9...j.k. The other cool thing was I found out that I had been an ispiration to a couple of other ladies with my LO. It is so encouraging to have someone else use the same products that you did..the coolest part was by me seeing her LO..I was inspired to finish a couple more of my LO in my wedding album. Her kids were adorable....I also got to show her some paper to help her with another LO that she was stumped on. I really needed a pick me up yesterday and I know that God delivered just what I needed.

Then the boys were in town...or should I say the "Groomsmen of the Apolcalypse". Name the movie that came from. So after my job at the group home I met them at GUBIE"s a local bar to watch the SOx game and play some pool. I have to say when I got home I wished that the no smoking ban had been passed for bars too. Bummer. But we had a blast. It has been great watching to friends date each other. I think it has just been fun having people to hang out with that all know each other and just have a great time together.

This weekend also is so meaningful to is such a time of reflection on what an amazing gift of love Christ has given all of us....All we have to do is recieve the gift. Take a moment and notice all the beauty around you this weekend...the new blossoms on trees...newly planted flowers. I am so in awe of God's Handiwork...he never ceases to amaze me. Have a WoNDerful EASTER!!!

(When I figure out this camera I will post pictures.)


Darcy said...

I promise that if I'm even remotely in the area, I'll stop by and vote!!! Congrats on inspiring someone else!!! So rewarding. =)

Didn't the trees get green out of no where??? Awesome, awesome stuff.

Hope you had a fab Easter!!!

Elizabeth said...

that is so exciting that you are on to round 2!!!
can't wait to see what you created!!
Hope you had an awesome Easter weekend... always such a moving time for me.. for reflection and focus for the coming days...
and it was super fun teaching my 1 year old about Christ!!