Saturday, April 29, 2006

What a week

I am so ready for the weekend.
if I would have posted monday I wouldn't have had a job for the summer...then tuesday I would have...but then wednesday I would have lost it again...So i waited until today Saturday to post and say that I have a job....Yeeha.

I also this week turned in my app for Grad school I am an official College graduate student...scary. more loans never made anyone happy. But the idea of being able to get a paying job afterwards makes me elated. Yippee...

Then I also stuck my head out and applied for a special ed job at GMS...please pray it will only be by God's will that I get that position and I really want it. Plus it will help pay the bills. That would make me the happiest women in the world. Really I swear it would.

the summer job is also going to allow me to start school this summer. Which i have wanted to do for two years now. And take away the night job I have I will have my weekends back...woohoo.

ok enough about my ifs and when's. Sorry I wanted to share pics but Adrian is at his bro's graduation and has the camera. Next time if I can get it to work...


Elizabeth said...

yeah!!! congrats on the job!!!
and even better that you are in the next phase of school..
I am contimplating grad school.. if I can get in at Purdue.. otherwise, I will have to wait a bit.

Darcy said...

Kinda a whirlwind of emotions? Eh?? Good luck on the GMS job.. you'd do well with Special Ed kids.. you have good patience. =) Good luck with grad school... you're gunna be BUSY!!!