Tuesday, November 04, 2008

4:30 am blow out and Voting at the Retirement Home

So this morning...I woke up stunned at 4:30 that I hadn't heard my child all night long. (it had been a long time since I fell asleep right after him at 8:30). I frantically grabbed Adrian's arm and began shaking....while forcefully saying have you gotten up with Jackson. See usually even if he is the one to get up....i am still awake and know what he has done. He very calmly said....no.

I got up not knowing what I was going to find. We are suppose to change Jackson's diaper every four hours to avoid messes. I had visions of oozzzing poop and a wet bed and a huge cast mess that I was going to have to smell for the next 4 and 1/2 weeks. As I got out of bed I heard him start to fuss. When I got to his crib I slowly pulled back the covers and found:

NOTHING!!! Yipppeee!!! I was so excited. But then As I thought about it. I was a little worried. After 8 1/2 hours of sleeping I should have had a very full diaper. At least very wet. I picked him up and we changed the diaper and got him some food. About 2 minutes after the food the rumbling began. I sat and laughed and played with him for about 30 minutes...decided to change the diaper again and then the rumbling began again. This time for about 15 minutes...it was too funny. In the process we filled 2 diapers, very wet diapers I might add, in an hour. So I wasn't worried anymore.

We went back to sleep around 6:00am and slept til daddy got up around 7:30 we got ready and headed out to VOTE!! We vote right down the street at a retirement facility. Daddy and I decided to take turns and in the meantime Jackson entertained the locals. The old ladies were in love with him.

I gotta tell you about this funny old lady that sat right down next to me to play with Jackson. She touched Jackson's legs and was like wow those are hard...do you make him where those pants everyday. I just wanted to bust out laughing, but instead decided to change the subject. I asked her what her plans were today and she said in an exasperated voice, "nothing, we never do anything". I said that board over there says there are card and a spa day. That sounds like Heaven to me. Manicures and pedicures. She glanced down at her nails and said I don't think I need one....do you? She proceeded to inform me about the local retirement gossip and then started to play with Jackson again. By this time Adrian was finally done voting and we were off to begin our fun day at HOME... Hope your voting experiences are as exciting as ours and that you all understand that I don't purposely make him where the Hard pants everyday. LOL...

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Darinifer said...

Sounds like he's ready for potty training.. holding it in all night.
You should make a fashion line.. hard pants.