Sunday, November 30, 2008

The countdown has begun......

We are entering our last week of this cast.
I just don't think Jackson completely understands how exciting this Friday is going to be for him.

We have had a very busy end of November. A wedding for my friend Carrie....
she was gorgeous.and of course we had to get a pic of Adrian and I before Jackson got there from Grandma's. with some highly entertaining moments with Jackson. His charm has not left him in this cast. He still has everything it takes. plus look at the tricks we won't be able to do anymore: his balancing act (he had to show off his moves for the crowd. his daily push ups while watching cartoons during mommy's breakfast. Catching up with friends was great and we did a little dancing too...Jackson and I did.

family THanksgiving was very low key. We had a few illnesses over the holidays. that always puts a damper on the occasion. then you add in our normal therapy appointments three days a week and we are very busy. There is our update for the last two very busy weeks of NOvember. I can't believe it is December already. Where does the time go?

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darcy said...

I love his balancing act! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!