Monday, April 06, 2009

can you believe that we are 27 weeks along today.
hard to believe that I was on bed rest last time in 3 weeks and
hard to believe that I would be delivering in 8 weeks.

Good thing this pregnancy is not going the same way as last time. Thought I would share some of the mommy excitement I have had with this one.

-Due to low fluid levels last time there was alot of the fun pregnancy things that I missed out on. I rarely felt Jackson move, this little girl is a gymnast inside my tummy at all hours of the day. The other fluid thing is that I never really had the prego belly. I have had more people talking to be about my belly in the last week or so. I didn't know how I would do with this...but I think it is cool to actually have a hard prego belly.

- with jackson i was already going to two doctors a week by now. I gotta say this is one of the best parts. I am just starting every two weeks. Which is a little earlier than normal, but we are just being careful. No reason to not be cautious.

- we already had a gammet of testing done on Jackson and this one shows no signs of any problems at this point. Praise the Lord!! I would have a difficult time having to watch another child go through the stuff Jackson has had to endure. Even though I think he will be a stronger person because of it.

- Let me restate....we are not planning or talking bedrest for now or the future.

- I was a crazy woman when it came to wanting to get things done with the first. I want to get the things we needed and know everything was in its place. with this one there are logistics but they have nothing to do with nurseries, bottles, blankets and things like that. I will use my boy colored stuff and be ok with it. It is logistics on how to raise two children at once with one going through his biggest opperation yet, when the baby is only a few months old. I know God has a plan, but seriously, how much can one woman handle.

- I have had fun looking at the little girl side of the store, with Jackson the boys clothes depressed me until the fun colors of last summer came around with the funky plaid shorts and bright shirts.

- Adrian refused to even think about names with Jackson until i was on bedrest and he was doing anything to distract me from thinking about being cooped up in that little room. With this one I got name options and feedback from him all the way back in January. Maybe he understands after Jackson, sometimes you don't have the full 40 weeks to get these things done.

Although there are very different things with this pregnacy, there is a peace that has come with both that I can only thank God for. He has blessed me with his peace that goes beyond everything in both pregnancies which I have to say is what has gotten me through.

Jackson also turned 20 months a couple of days ago. Who can believe that all this is happening so fast. WOW!! my baby isn't going to be my baby much longer. Happy Easter Everyone...hope you all get to enjoy your time with Family. We have two more weeks in this cast and I gotta tell you both Jackson and I are ready for the day to come.

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Kara Lynn said...

So happy things are going well! Can you actually believe our babies are 20 months old already??? How did that happen?!