Friday, April 03, 2009


Our personality, energy and appetite is back to normal. It is amazing!!! I can't even express how much I am happy to have these things back. It was so hard playing the guessing game on how to help the little man while he was sick. We still have some diarrhea, but all in all we are definitely on the mend and I look forward to having him back to a 100% soon.

on another note we are three weeks away from cast removal. I gotta say after catching puke and runny poop in this cast I am amazed that it still looks as good as it does. Not the ideal time for the flu if I do say so myself. not that there is an ideal time.

we are back to our normal schedule of eating and sleeping so I have been able to get a few things done. Cleaning really needs to happen and I can disinfect at the same time. Normally I wouldn't be so excited...but I am so ready for this flu to be out of my house...I will wipe everything down.

Got some organizing and cleaning done in jackson's room. he has officially out grown his 6-12 month tops, so we put them all away yesterday. I gotta say the 12-18 month ones look huge, but better to cover the budda belly than to let it hang out, right? It doesn't help that the cast goes up higher this time either, but you do what you need to.

Thanks to the resale last weekend, I was able to start the baby girls wardrobe for only a few dollars...I think I spent 15 on her. and I have about 8 outfits and to start her out. even a couple of sleepers that have never been worn. can you believe it? the resale was a huge success. They earned over 60K and they had a couple thousand people attend. It is amazing that we have something like this that helps us all out when times are tight. WEll that is all for now. Sorry there are no pictures. I promise I will take some now that we are back to normal around here. It is hard to catch puke and take pictures.

thanks again everyone for all your prayers for healing and health for the little man. a

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