Wednesday, April 01, 2009

out of the hospital and still not doing so hot

we were discharged Monday night. We thought he was doing 100 times better. He was on the fluids, but since we got home we are slowly getting better, and slowly taking more fluids. We slept well the first night and I think the cat naps got the better of us last night. he was awake every few hours wanting food. It sucks to deprive your child of food for his own good.

thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and offers to help. We are doing ok. Lacking some sleep, but overall we are on the mend and taking more fluids a little at a time. The cast and mom, would love the diarrhea to go away, but other than that we can handle it. God is good. He hears our crys for healing.

We are headed to the doctor today for a check up and follow-up to see if we have lost a significant amount of weight or anything else we need to be greatly concerned about. Gotta go, we have to be there in 15 minutes.

thanks again for the prayers.


darcy said...

Poor guy.. I've been thinking and praying for you lots!!!

Kara Lynn said...

Thinking of you... I want you to hear good news soon...