Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun filled festivities....

well I missed......Happy 20 month birthday, Jackson. it was the tenth. we have been so busy lately. it has really been fun.

Morgan and Charlie are in the process of buying a house and for the meantime they are renting it. It took us three days to clean it and then move them in. but Jackson and I had a blast helping. Jackson even took good naps in the middle of all of it. first time in a long time he has taken a nap where there is action going on.

then dad had a boys night out and went to the white sox vs the twins.....and we are happy to say the twins WON!! unfortunately the guys were routing for the wrong team. the sox won the rest of the series, but i am happy with the win we got.

the saturday brought bathroom stuff-fan installation and trim. the fan caused Adrian to have to crawl in the attic, not fun to mess in insallation, but we are moving forward. Our countertop is in process too. Can't wait to see the final product. If anyone has any ideas on where to find rod-iron mirrors please send me a link...I am having extreme difficulty finding the mirrors we need for the bathroom and pretty soon that will be all we are missing.

Sunday was Easter, as you all probably already knew. We spend the morning going to church and had a wonderful service. Great music and a wonderful message reminding us to put our hope in Christ. Not a bad reminder in these tough times. Then we were off to have easter lunch with Adrian's family and my what a spread we had. I am pretty sure there was enough leftovers to feed a small army. Too bad there wasn't a way to share it with more people. Then we headed home for nap time and more bathroom work. We ended the night with an intalled fan and light and trim up almost everywhere in the bathroom. Not sure what happened after that, cuz Adrian put Jackson to sleep and I fell asleep in the chair almost immediately or at least I don't remember anything after that.

Hope you all had a wonderful easter too. Unfortunately I can't find the camera lately, *we will blame the prego brain* so no new pictures. I will work on finding it today. It is around here somewhere. Have a great week.

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