Tuesday, April 21, 2009

our past few days

I will start out by apologizing because this is sideways. I was trying to film him sitting next to me in our recliner. It was to funny not to share...You can all just flip your monitor sideways.

This past few weeks has been jammed full of stuff. We have been out and about and busy. I can't wait til the next time we go shopping...when Jackson can once again ride in the front of a cart. That's right folks....we have D-day number 2 in 60 hours..I am so excited to see what Jackson is going to do when both of his hips are in place and he is up and moving around again. I see big things happening soon.

We also took some pictures around our house...we can't wait to get out and play in the warm weather. Mom has some landscape clean up to do. We are so excited that all but one of our transplanted plants is coming up so far. I have a few weeds that have made it through and need to be taken out, but other than than things are looking pretty good. we want to get to the front of the house, but I am not sure I am up to all the digging...it might have to wait for next spring.

I was also tagged by Shelly, ok a while ago and I just got to it now.
Here were the rules:
1. Take a picture of yourself right now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture.
2. Load the picture onto your blog.
3. Tag three people to play. Remember, if you are tagged on another blog, we will all be heading to yours to see if you played along.
so here is our picture. Jackson and I were playing on the floor with some toys, when I got a phone call to check and email from Adrian...I checked some blogs to while I was online and ran acrossed this tag, so I just resumed our play position and snapped a picture.

I tag Natalie, Gretchen, and Kara

then last weekend I spent saturday helping Gretchen and Luke make close to 1500 tamales for their fundraiser for their adaption. it was fun to hang out and learn how to make them. I now understand why most people only make these for special occasions. I hope that this fundraiser was profitable. We had a blast putting them together. then I spent the afternoon and evening scrapping at Darcy's. We had a blast there too and I got about 7 pages done. I finished the journaling today...so here are a couple of those pages too.
this is J and Katy's fall party last october.. fun night of carving pumkins, firepits, and apple cider. All things fall. Then the this one is about Jackson's weight gain over the past four months. I had a lot of fun and it is so nice to feel caught up on pictures for a while. I am sure once baby number two comes i will not be on top of it as fast. There is more that has happened over the weekend. But I won't bore you with any more. Can't wait to share with you pics of Jackson no longer in the cast moving and shakin again. Until then we say bye bye.


Kara Lynn said...

Love seeing the little man dancing! So, that should me that he is getting his cast off today? Or maybe tomorrow?!!! Cannot wait to see him jump up and start running. You need to come over for a boat ride and a walk around the lake!

Jen Myers said...

Loved the video!!! How adorable is he?!? and what a little chunk! :) haha hope all continues to go well. maybe we will get to see you one of these times we make it up to goshen or you come down to indy. many blessings!