Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chaos Part One

 We had just moved all of our stuff to our basement to start a family room playroom minor remodel.  A little paint some recovered couches and some new storage for the kids toys.  We also had planned on moving the kids into their own rooms this fall.  We were all super excited when this happened.  Adrian had found some water in our basement carpet one night by finding both kids with wet butts....we cleaned it up and didn't think much of it until the next day when I was trying to clean up a mess about 10x as big.  Adrian spent the afternoon (yes I called him home from work) and evening investigating and cleaning up the mess.  However we were not able to get the water out of the carpet even with a shop vac.  So we called our insurance and made a claim.  They came out in just a few hours to investigate and decided that we needed to have the concrete dried out and the carpet removed.  They on that friday afternoon....brought in 5 industrial fans, a dehumidifier and an air scrubber.  Lets just say WIND TUNNEL....I felt as though we were living in one.  WE had the tv maxed out on volume that night and we still couldn't really hear it.  So instead of watching tv we decided to start a project that we were going to avoid, but since we were getting rid of the carpet anyway...why not right?  So we shipped the kiddos to grandmas and started this:

 it started one by one
 and turned into this....unfortunately I forgot that my scrapping room and glass jars were on the other side of this wall.  Oh well...I can recycle a few more in the new craft room/office that will be upstairs. 
 I enjoyed the swinging of the sledge hammer....I didn't enjoy the 50 5 gallon bucket loads of bricks that I carried or the war wound I now have...but I gotta say it looks so much better and we don't have an external wall in our family room/playroom anymore.  Which I would like to exclaim with elation that I LOVE!!! 

and we did gain about two feet of room too.  and the fireplace actually looks more like a focal point.  I would show you a picture of it drywalled...but I kinda did something before Adrian was ready for me to do that will have to wait.  But we are in full painting mode...well that was until we (the weather) broke our air conditioner.  we had a 90 degree house with about 200 % humidity for the last two weeks.  this is not ideal for painting.....the walls were tacky still last friday when we got back from Indy and we had painted them on wednesday.  So we are in stand still mode until the furnace/air conditioner/vent work all gets done. 

I keep trying to focus on the room that we will have and not the drastic amount of money it is going to cost.  

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