Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am so happy to say that progress is being made and we are approaching d day for the unexpected basement remodel. BOY has the last week or so flown by.  I guess when you days are busy from 7 am to 1 am, it is easy for time to fly.  Tile isdown, wallpaper removed, ceiling is back up...and partially mudded.  Can you picture it...two kiddo and all this chaos.  Gotta admit I am looking forward to it all being done.  I do not envy those who build houses with small children.  I don't think I will ever build a house.  I didn't even enjoy picking out carpet and tile.  I think My decorating will stick to coordinating curtains, bedding and paint.  I like that part of decorating.  The other things are way to expensive to change if you make a mistake.  I think the carpet guy got a good laugh when I asked what happened if we ordered it and it wasn't what we wanted.  He very gently told me that it was mine to keep.  Big time scary in my book. 

Now that carpet buying and tile laying are finished.  I get to continue to check things off the task list.  This whole processes is a bit overwhelming.  you definitely wouldn't feel as defeated if every tasked didn't have three to five steps before you got to cross it off.   Pictures will come of the whole process when we are done. 

I just keep remembering that I am going to enjoy the clean and fresh space for my kiddos to play when we are all done. 

That is the update for now.  Avenlea is climbing on everything lately and experiencing a bit of separation anxiety again.  Which she is for the most part with me all the time...but seriously.  She has also gone back to not taking a good nap.  All in all though she is the funniest little girl to watch and has been talking all the time. the best is how she walks around the house. 
She has to have something in each had and then she will randomly drop those and pick up something new if she thinks it is best.  Makes for a messy house, but it is fun to watch her just play on her own.  pretty sure she is going to keep us on our toes well into her young adult life.  Gotta love her. 

Jackson started preschool a couple weeks ago and it is going much better.  HE still cries when I leave him, but he stops and trots to class as soon as they get inside.  IT is crazy to say this but we have noticed a difference in his vocab and clarity already.  Plus who can knock the place the boy first decided to drink from a cup.  So far I love his preschool.  I will have to admit, this whole process has been super hard on mom.  Giving up the control I have had for three years has been more than difficult.  Not seeing what he is doing all day and especially in his therapy sessions is really hard.  I am sure I too, with time, will get used to this. 

HE also has been asking to eat more and more.  We have loved the summer fruit seasons.  He has enjoyed watermelon, musk melon, honeydew, cheese (thank goodness with all that fruit), popcorn, crackers, chips, cucumbers, green beans, and M&M's.  Can you tell in the above pic?  WE are always trying more.  He loves to do arts and crafts,
play with his kitchen (he makes wonderful crispy bacon and coffee for his mama), and he also has been totally in to Handy manny, so he likes to think he is helping us fix the basement too.  We are incouraged by his increased mobility and we also have begun Potty training.  Crazy I is amazing how much this little guy as done in his brief three years that those Doctors said he might not do.  That will teach you to always listen to Doctors, right?  He is a joy still even with his little three year old attitude.  HE is the sweetest little boy in my house.  :) 

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Jewel said...

Braylon starts preschool in 2 wks...I wonder how I'll do...or him. For a couple of months now Braylon has gotten into Handy Manny also!