Monday, August 09, 2010

Happy Birthday to The toughest guy I know.....

So today, August 10th, my baby boy turns three!!!  HE has accomplished so much in his three years.  I actually thought through it all today.

28 Days in the Riley NICU
3 GI (butthole) surgeries

a gaping hole in his abdomen from the nastiest infection I have every seen
3 hip surgeries

1 back surgery
failure to thrive
Multiple tests from CT scans, xrays, MRI, EKG, EEG, Cinta scans...too many for one little boy.

one urinary tract infection resistant to three antibiotics
two hospital stays due to the flu ( and during everyone he keeps those nurses on there toes.  that is his heart monitor lead in his hand as he is laughing) 
three blood transfusions (not including ones used during surgery)
G-tube surgery
a set of SMO braces

circumcision and reconstruction down there
-6 vision in both eyes requiring glasses
two cases of the HIVES
 one dentist visit

and what can he do:
swings a bat like a pro
eats some food....even says he is hungry.  WOW I need to just sit with that one for a moment.  What a HUGE accomplishment.  
loves to fix things and make things with daddy especially when it includes tools
loves on his baby sister
walks up and down the stairs
climbs in and out of his own bed
stands up in the middle of a room
can walk acrossed our backyard and pick veggies from our garden
loves to pick up his feet and giggle as he races down our drive way on his big trike
yells at the TV with daddy when there is a good hit or play during a white sox game
touches gooey thing and play dough and has a good time
 loves to color and paint pictures for our frig
enjoys cooking
loves when he gets to feed his dog Macy.  or as he calls her "My MaeMae"
these are just a few of the many things he does.  

As I thought through everything that the doctors said he might never do, I am so proud at what he has accomplished by the young age of three.  My baby boy is who he is because he has fought through what was given to him.  He is one tough and resilient little boy.   We are so sad to be exiting First Steps and we will dearly miss all of Jackson's therapist that have really become part of our daily life over the last three years.  Man, he wouldn't be where he is with out all of you.  Thank you Cathy, Wendy, Christy and Susan for the amazing work that you have done working with Jackson.  His quality of life has improved so much since we first started with each of you.  As he exits First steps, he also gets to enter a new and exciting new adventure....PreSchool.  ON August 18th, I feel like I loose all control.  Jackson will get on the BUS, yes you heard it right, the BUS and will be off to school.  He will now get three different therapies at school and one maybe two at an outpatient therapy center.  He is super excited for school and to ride the bus.   It will be quite strange in a house with just one again...but it is so cool to see Jackson heading off to school.  Although he still has alot ahead of him when I look at this list I remember just how far he has come so far.

We will have pictures soon of him in his glasses...I am sure it will only up his cuteness factor and of course this craft mom will have off to preschool pics as well.

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