Wednesday, March 15, 2006

AI and Scrappin away the blues.

Ok last nights AI was a great tribute to Stevie Wonder a legend in music...but man did my girl struggle. Her little country twang didn't really match stevie's soul music. and simon ripped her apart.

I think about three people did well. My man brought down the house. He was awesome. But I wasn't having a good night. I have been struggling lately with life. I have these little episodes every now and then...when I know I am truely blessed but life seems to be pushing down so hard that I feel there is no way out. Ever had that feeling? I hope not it is not fun. I am in the middle once again of job hunting, but this time also applying for school. I have to get my masters to really make any money doing what I love to do. I also have a desire to learn this time around.. I really think going back to school will be good for me. Can't wait to start. I just have to believe that the money will come back after the fact. So I am diving in head first and really need prayer. It stresses me out to put us that tight in our budget...but I really feel God telling us we can do it. I just gotta have faith. So last night what do you think I turned to .....I turned to scrapping to brighten my day...I did two pages. So much fun...the first was the 10 things I love about my husband....He is spectacular and so supportive and comforting when I am in these moods. it is hard for him...because he is a fixer. Anyone who has done personality studies, he is a FIXER. I love him for it...

So what did I do to get rid of the blues? ???? I scrapped starting with my puppy again. then the ten things I love about my husband. that one was fun.

Ok I have a laugh for you. Today I watched the teacher have this conversation in a math class:
The question was There is a 37% chance of rain what is the probability of the complementary event?
Teacher: what is the opposite of raining?
student: 37 %
Teacher: No, no no: what is the opposite of raining?
Student: .37
Teacher: NO not a number a word...
This went on for at least 5 minutes...until finally the teacher said:

The word is yes or no...what is the opposite of raining...
Student: NOt raining.

Ok it was funny to be hear...sometimes I don't think they even listen to our questions..we could have asked what direction is the sky and he would have answered 37.....

Have a great day.


Wendy said...

Good luck with the job hunting. I'm in the middle of figuring out what I want to do as well. I wish schools would pay for your masters. I'm stuck b/c I need to get it to keep my job, but if I get it I won't make enough money to pay off loans. Sorry-I have nothing positive on that front. Hope you have better luck figuring things out!

Darcy said...

hey, going back to school will work out.. just trust and you know it'll work out. May be hard in the meantime, but it'll work. =)

christy said...

i have faith in you!! and you have that supportive husband, too. if he's behind you 100% going back, then go for it! love ya!!!

Elizabeth said...

sorry i have been MIA!!
good to catch up on your stories.
good luck with the school thing.. even though I am at home with my baby, I still have the desire to go back to school... problem? finances.. and if another baby comes along.. then it just gets delay of a job.. and then what was the point?
great that your husband will support you whole heartedly.
LOVE your scrap pages... can't wait to see more.
its an addicting habit.. but so fun! and worthwhile..
let your creative juices flow!