Saturday, March 04, 2006

Just another Random Saturday

Saturday morning Macy and i spent some time playing fetch. It is so hard durning the week to get in our play time. It is fun to have saturday mornings to catch up. Just like a kid. Macy wakes up on saturday mornings the same time that she wakes up during the week. 6am...sometimes i get to sleep in to 7pm. it is quality time together. I also get a lot of cleaning done in the morning and it is so much more productive than when i used to sleep the day away. Today i am excited my parents are on the way for a weekend o fun. What ever that means in Lovely elkhart indiana. I can never find things to do with them. If anyone has any suggestions. I am however extremely excited that I am finally feeling well enough to stand all day. i can't beieve that a cold and cough could knock me out for a week. Crazy. Anyway. This is a picture from about 4 weeks ago. Macy is bigger now. I have new pictures coming. I really need a digital camera. I feel like it takes me a weeks to post some pics. Sorry guys.

Today I spent all morning cleaning and then my cutie husband got home and refused to go to the store without me. I think he is deprived. But it is his job that sends him away so often. It really has been hard in our first year of marriage. I am doing ok being the supportive wife. He is here for today and tommorrow and then he leaves again for ohio this time for a week. I think that is the end of the maddness though. h e is also going to make a quick run to the grocery store for some cool whip. I am going to try this delicious strawberry thing that Darcy makes.

I also found out i have to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to my cous Jason. He got engaged....that will be two weddings in a year for that fam. Crazy!!! but very exciting. Can't wait to celebrate with you.

right know i am watching Mythbusters I love this show. They prove thing either myth or true...They get to do experiments and blow things up...this would be the greatest job ever. The picture above they made hovercrafts that hover over sand....they worked. Today is about weather a tissue box in your back window of your car...when you have an accident this klennex box could be deadly. Sounds pretty crazy do you think it is true or a myth. I will let you know when the show is over. They have proved some pretty crazy things true. Have a great weekend.

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Darcy said...

Hope you enjoyed your heaven in a dish!!! love that stuff..

Macy is really cute! Yes, you do need a digital camera.. they are way addicting. =) Just a warning.