Thursday, March 09, 2006

News Flash!!!

Ok So the boys didn't really impress me last night. I watched it on DVR this morning and nothing was a stand out exept for this guy's dancing. I don't know his name but he has gray hair and he had gyrating hips and twitches that you didn't know what you were going to see. Simon said he would be the fall of music videos ....but he would be a great radio singer. The guy even laughed at Simon. I guess when you know you are bad at something, it is best to just laugh at yourself. The other thing is there is a guy on the show whose name is BUCKY....who does this to their child. If you really love your children think hard about the name you are giving them and the implications it might have later in life. Kids have it hard enough as it is.
I guess tonight we will see what america thinks.

Tomorrow night I am sooooooo excited. I get to see in concert for the third time in my life one of my favorite musicians: JEREMY CAMP. NOt only that but one of my friends: Eric's friend BEthany Dillion who I have never seen before. Plus I am going to meet my adorable husband there...and that makes the night incredibly special. Yipppeeee........

OK!!!! I have to bring this up.. Did anyone see in the paper how predators are using these blog sites to prey on junior high aged kids. Isn't that scary. It really makes me think of what I write and how to say it. These people are so sick. This was just a big reminder to remember to keep things gerneral.


Darcy said...

Okay, you just made me really scared. I put picture of my hot girls on my blog all the time!!! Maybe I should take them down.. they LOVE seeing themselves, though. Yikes. THanks for making me think.

Okay, i just tried to send you an email and I dont' have your new address. I only have the Tims one that got sent back to me. Yeah, and after my ridiculous post yesterday bout people that didn't update their emails when they change. Shame on me. I was gunna send you an invite to gmail cuz I had NO CLUE that you had to invited to do gmail. Let me know if you want an invite.

SO JEALOUS you get to spend Friday with Jeremy!!! Got Regionals. Tell me how it is..

Dena said...

Hi Nic! I stopped by to see what new Macy pics you had up. We're coming to Elkhart this weekend. If you aren't too tired after your big night Friday, maybe we can get together Sat.? Matt and my uncle, cousin and whoever are re-siding our garage-FINALLY. Now that we move out we have all of our projects done! We're all good, love our new town. Hope you have a wonderful time at the concert! I love to read your entries, it keeps me up on what's going on with you. Loveya, Dena