Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Recap

Recap of the weekend. Friday evening Adrian and I went to watch our former soccer team play at the Sport Center. Let me tell you for free rates up there with some of the best. There is never a dull moment watching a team of people that really have never played Soccer. they have definitely recruited some talent though. It was fun to see that they are getting better.

Then saturday I woke up at the crack of dawn...6pm to head to a the junior high wrestling conference match. It was sweet to see all of my sixth and seventh grade They are awesome. they came in second as a team and there were many individual awards. most of you are probablly asking though, why were you there. Well I was asked if I would take tickets...and there was money involved so I said yes. It was a great way to waste some of my alone saturday's with Adrian at work. Adrian worked until 5 or 6 pm...on Saturday...I cooked us dinner and then we had a little puppy party. macy had her friend bailey Stanger over for a play date. but it didn't go so well. Macy was a little too energetic and after three hours of constant play bailey had had we returned her to her uncle Jason's house for the night. It was great to see bailey again..>I haven't had time to figure out the camera yet or I would post pictures..maybe later this week.

Then Sunday we got up and went to church. then Adrian had to go to work again...I just keep remembering that April 15th is right around the corner. And I am praying it really ends then. When He got home at four I had been sleeping I was exhausted from the day I did laundry and slept. I made dinner and we chilled and watched a movie...XXX, it was one I had already seen...I also watched the games.. GO GEORGE rock. it would be sweet if an eleven seed one it all wouldn't it. it would throw everyones brackets off. Hope everyone had a Merry Monday and enjoyed the rest and relaxation of the weekend.

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