Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Amazing husband, a dog that loves me dearly and my computer illiteracy

Ok I have to start out this blog with praise to my amazing husband. I have picked up a part time job to help with the extra expenses from my surgery. So I have been working monday-wednesday of this week and the house work has been piling up. Especially the dishes...I am usually so wiped from my 6am -11pm day that I go straight to bed when I get home. So last night I was crabbing that I had to go home and do dishes and finish laundry and when I got home...adrian had picked up the house nad done all the dishes in the kitchen as well as cleaned all the counters. I have the most AMAZING HUSBAND IN THE WORLD. that totally desearved caps. then I also have an adorable puppy who waits for me to come come home every night. Check out this picture...she is hiding behind the curtain waiting and watching.

Ok well I thought I was going to get some pictures off my camera. But I have no idea where they got saved. So we will try again tomorrow. I am pretty computer illiterate. So we will keep trying until we are successful. Can't wait til i know what i am doing. Enjoy the day.


Nichole said...

opps forgot to rotate that picture. Does anyone know how to see the pictures you are posting...mine are just text. IT is quite annoying.

Darcy said...

YEAH!! Digi pics! There is a place at the top right hand corner that says "Preview". Click on it and then you'll be able to preview what your post looks like. Hope that helps!

I use picassa to manage my digi pics. Google offers it at It's good stuff.

Elizabeth said...

You can preview your post before you actually publish it..
sometimes I get so stinkin frustrated when trying to add photos!!
HOW awesome for you to come home to a clean house!!
my hubby suprised me with new toilet seats...and he put them on w/o nagging!!
romantic, I know!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweets! It was so good to see you even though it was brief. Looking forward to having you here for that pizza/game night someday! Love & prayers, dena :)