Tuesday, March 21, 2006

what a blessing!!!

Ok I was shopping, grocery shopping that is, this last saturday at the local martin's. LOVE THAT PLACE> I was near the milk and the cold foods when this lady walked up to me and asked if I wanted to sign up for a raffle, for a digital camera...so I appeased her and took her little slip of paper. While in the back of my head thinking,....the people that do this all the time are out of their minds...one out of 500 win right? Plus on a positive note Adrian and i had been talking about saving for a digital camera. plus Darcy says it is a necessity. well I finished getting my groceries and the teacher's credit union where this raffle was being done was on my way out. So I decided to stop by...adrian and I had been thinking about switching banks, to have one closer to our house anyway,...so why not get some information and simply write my name and number on a silly slip of paper. SO I talked to the lady turned my slip in and then proceeded to the check out...then home you all know how it goes.

So last night I am working at a middle school basketball game, and my phone rings says caller unavailable. Well in my life this means, scary credit people, bill collector, or group home wanting me to work. SO I hesitated but answered. To hear this very joyful voice say:
"can i speak with Nichole Schrock" TCU lady.

"this is her" me

"this is Mika from TCU, congratulations you won the digital camera" TCU lady.

"what, me" me.

"yes you, you can pick it up tonight...we are here til 7pm", TCU lady...

So yes I am now the proud owner of a Kodak digital camera. Not exactly what I wanted but, can you all say FREE!!!!! I can and it means no complaining. So we are enjoying getting to understand it. I am not completely computer literate...so it will take me a little while to figure it out. Gotta read that stupid book. if anyone has shortcuts. Or digital cameras for DUMMIES...i'll take the advice.

other than that life has been pretty boring...Macy got fitted for a gentle leader which is a harness that will help my shoulders stay in there sockets when we go for walks. it is simply amazing. if she starts to pull all i have to do is pull up on the leash and she turns and sits. BEAUTIFUL....i am going to start enjoying walks again. I also have started another part time job...while I continue to look for a higher paying full time job. It is great to have the consistent money flow every week. some stress has been relieved. this was truely a blessing in disguise. God is good. i have a little more reassurance that the school thing is going to happen too. just gotta keep praying. I know that God is good. Adrian is still in busy season and it is the end...so he is working really late. so I guess Macy is suffering from both of us being gone three nights a week. But Jay is helping out some he has been a great friend. it is wonderful to have him so close. other than that. Life is great and continuing to go on as normal...or as normal as we get. Hope life is good with all of you. That is it for now. I will post again soon, hopefully with new digital pictures.


Darcy said...

Wo-who!!! You got a digi camera!!!! As long as it's over 3 or 4 megapixels you are good to go. YEAH!! Can't believe you won it.. I always thought those things were hoaxes!!!

christy said...

thats awesome that you won it. it'll either tied you over till you can get the one you really want or maybe it'll prove to be a good one after all! congrats on the win! :-)

christy said...

oh, and i got your message today. i'm moving this weekend so i've been pretty darn busy. sorry. i didn't think i was invited to the wedding so i wasn't sure about going. i guess the invite could have gotten lost in the mail, but who knows. i'm definitely gonna be back in town the last weekend in April, but i'm not sure about before that. i guess we'll see! Love ya!!