Friday, March 24, 2006

R&R Can't wait

This weekend is a large amount of R&R. Complete rest and recovery. I got a part time job so I have been working approximately 60 hours a week while I apply for a real full time job. I have had some great possibilities lately...Keep praying. Thank you so much for the prayers so far. God is good and in his time it will work out. I am not enjoying the extra time away from Adrian and Macy. We rarely cross paths the way it is with Tax season so when I am the one gone I usually feel bad..

Today I really focused on blessings and simple ones at that.
I have an amazing and adorable husband

I live in a free to choose everything about my life

I have a roof over my head

I have the freedom to worship God

I feel safe walking outside by myself

I have an education and not only that but a college education

I have a family that loves me, even when I am so far away

the ability to afford to scrapbook and take pictures

I started to think about the child a use to sponsor for Compassion International. I had to stop because of financial reasons. Basically I spent to much of my money on needless material things and so I didn't have any left for the important ones. I just remember how the little things really mattered to her. She looked at the word with such innocent eyes yet she had been through so much at such a young age. We are beautifully blessed. I am incredibly blessed to have what I have and to have the love that I have. Have a great weekend.

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Darcy said...

What a great post, Nichole!!! Hope you had a great weekend of R and R and I'm loved hearing about all the ways that you are blessed. =)
Have a fan-tab-u-lous Monday!