Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Rock Star vs. Teacher"

Friday night was the greatest...first of all because my husband cam ehome. and early no less. But second because I went to the Jeremy Camp bethany dillon concert. and I have pictures these are great.

As my friend Leslie and I sat there during intermission, wewere discussing how we all dream of being a rock start when we are little and how similar it is to being a teacher.
* first, we all sperform in front of people
* We both are sending a message
* We impact people's lives
* Kids listsen, well they are suppose to in the classroom
* Kids have crushes on teachers and on rock stars.....come on admit it you had a crush on one of your teachers along the way
* THe only difference really is kids are forced to listen to us and they choose to listen to the music and Kids are mezmerized by a Rock Star

Ok so really we, as teachers, are nothing like a Rock Star. But we can keep Dreaming. Right? By the say if you have never seen or heard Bethany Dillion check her out. She is 17 years old and has the most incredible insight into who God is. There is an innocense about her that is so refreshing. Check out her new cd Imagination....www.bethanydillon.com. Her website is fabulous asnd so inspiring for my recently new scrapping style. I have totally gotten into doodling.

Well then Saturday morning....I woke up and got to go to breakfast with my old roommate. It is so great to catch up with people you haven't seen in a while. I truely miss the accountability and the late night conversations we would have in our old apartment. Don't get me wrong i love my husband and we talk...but it can never take the place of girl talk there are just things that guys don't understnd.

Then I got to scrap from 10 am -4pm....I have a special project I am working on, which I can't really tell you about (because the person reads my blog) adn then I have started a journey of healing scrapbook and I have vowed to do a page a month. I am starting to process through my rape again. There are definitely new issues that have come with marriage...but the growth has been amazing. God is so good!!! I want to remember the God moments and this is my way of journalling the journey. It has been rewarding and fun. So on saturday I was able to finish this months entry. Then we had a visit from one of Adrian's families exchange students from when he was in highschool...it was really neat to meet her and hear about her family and life now. Adrian's brother was also home and we don't get to hang out with him much...so that was fabulous.

Sunday morning we got to abserve our friend Natalie teach sunday school. I am so excited that Adrian agreed to teach with me. I really wanted to do something together that serves God. I think that serving God together is the most rewqarding thing a couple can do together...I can't wait to watch my husband with the kids. He is phanominal with children. of any age....it is one of my favorite things about my hubby. Then we spent the afternoon doing our own things but together in our house. Can I just tell you how great it felt to just have him home in the house with me. It didn't even bother me that we didn't do something together, (which is unusual). He watched the big ten tourney adn I did more scrapbooking....sorry I can't show you I have no way to scan them in...maybe someday. I borrowed my friends digital camera so I could do a toys page for macy. It was incredible to have an idea and be able to scrap it in the same day. I really NEED a digital camera...I do have to admit the color wasn't as great as my SLR...but for quick pictures and random moments with Macy it was great to be able to delete the bad pics and not have to pay for prints of pictures I am going to throw away anyway.

I think i found a way to show you a page that I scrapped. I finally got to our engagement pictures last night I know crazy....it has been 7 months already since our wedding and i haven't started to scrapbook them...The engagement has already been a year. crazy....here it is it was part of another lo that I did so it is in the distance.

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Darcy said...

Hey.. I heard about PulseFest!! SO excited.. and Barlow Girl is gunna be there too.. also love them. =) Thanks for the info...

Your page is looking great and YES, you need a digital camera. =)

Nat told me you guys are gunna start helping.. she was SO excited!