Friday, October 10, 2008

14 gets crazier to me everytime.

at 14 months we are:
* a ham...we laugh and make faces...we can light up a room..

* a flirt...there is no girl that gets past us with out a smirk, he melts there hearts already. we are in BIG BIG TROUBLE.
* he is walking along and around furniture all the time and is even starting to let we will be standing and then taking steps..oh my heavens who would ever believe it.. WOW!

* he loves books...right now he is laying on his back on the floor, holding the book over his head and talking to himself. if I do say so my self, he is reading at 14 months.

* he is walking around and along furniture all the time.

* loves peek a boo, and plays it anywhere, anytime, with anyone

* he is into unloading or taking things out. he unloads the freezer, the dishwasher, the toy basket, and the diaper bag...and grins as he is doing it.

* he is a smart little sucker...he knows what he is doing.

* he is a speedy crawler and has learned how to go from crawling to sitting and is transitioning much better.

* he has an attention span for tv that is .5 seconds long and I am ok with that.

* we have started chewing on graham crackers and we still like cheetos. still no more than tastes of any baby food or people food. it still makes him gag and he throws up.

* speaking of throwing up, we have had none for two hole months... other than the occassional choking incident. WHOOOHOOO!!!

* he loves playing and has started to play with others too. it is so cute although his idea of playing is to take the books from others...gotta work on this.

* loves to be outside and to do anything with his daddy.

* he has also accomplished crawling through, under nad over things.

* he is still inquisitive and studies everything

* and he is determined...if there is something he wants to do...he will get it done. such as:

* he is now into buttons...he is turing the tv on and off, recording things, and opening the DVD player. ( i know i remember saying oh Jackson doesn't do those things like I was sad about it, I take it back...I should have just enjoyed to delay)

* he is starting to climb up stairs too...but only when we offer him as incentive at the top. so it isn't scary yet. but he is so strong.

* he tries to crawl and walk through things too and gets so frustrated when it doesn't work or he gets stuck. oh well he will learn eventually. I think that is all for now.
Happy 14 months impress me more everyday...and I am enjoying every minute of it...


Laura said...

Wow, what a busy guy! Truly amazing. And that smile is definitely melt-inducing!

Jewel said...

Happy 14 months, Jackson! Way To Go! That's awesome all the things he's doing! Thanx for sharing!