Monday, October 06, 2008

God Showed up in a very very BIG way!!!

So as you can see to the left on my blog Jackson's benefit logo has changed. We had his benefit on Friday and talk about an amazing experience. God sure is on BIG and AMAZING God that can over come anything and everything. I know you are all wanting to know the total of what came in, but you gotta hold on I gotta tell you about the atmosphere that night.

it was so incredible to witness the ideas of 6 individuals come together in an event that reached so many. I would say at no single time were there less than 30 people at the event and that includes the beginning. See there were so many volunteers it was unreal and without them it never could have run as smoothly as it did. so to all of our friends new and old we THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart for baking, standing all night and shivering in the cold outside. You guys all ROCK.

For those of you that weren't there. The silent auction was amazing. I remembered a conversation that I had had with Alice the week before and she was excited that there had been 33 items donated to the auction. Which is an awesome amount. Well ladies and gentlemen when I arrived at the auction on Friday night I was informed that there were now 74 items that had been donated. People went out of there way to donate to this benefit, people we don't even know and for that we are beyond amazed and very grateful.

on that note: Thank you to our families and friends that put the time, effort and money into this. We have been humbled and blessed in many ways by this event and experience.

I want to take a minute to tell you about some special moments that happened through this event. There was a day a couple of months back that we got a knock on our door it was our neighbor girl telling us that we had a lady looking for our house. This little grey haired lady had a gift for us and expressed her concern as she had read Jackson's article in the paper. I said Thank You but chose not to open the card until I got in the house. It was a gas card for our trips to Indy. Can you believe it a random stranger. God can use everyone.

Then a couple weeks after the article ran I got an email from Alison and Mark from the Elkhart Truth. It was from a lady in Michigan who had read the article and wanted to encourage us. See her 11 year old son has the same genetic association as Jackson does and he is a thriving young boy. Talk about encouragement. That was the most amazing news a mom could here. A success story.

Now for what you have all been waiting for: the benefit raised over 10,000 dollars for our family. We can not Thank you all enough for the money, the prayers, the encouragment that you have all shared with us. So from the bottom of our humbled, grateful hearts we say THANK YOU!!

(have pictures but my computer will not upload them so we will post pictures next time. )


Shannon said...

Oh my heavens Nichole that is so awesome. I had a hard time reading and not wanting to jump down to the bottom to see the results. I teared up and said "oh my heavens" outloud. God is soooo awesome and it's unreal what prayer can do!!

I love you and will continue to be lifting you all up in prayer :)

Kara Lynn said...

How amazing! God was definitely present at the benefit for sure...He has blessed you with challenges, but also with wonderful friends and family to help watch over you guys. You deserve everything that He has given happy for you all.

darcy said...

YEAH!!! I was wondering what the total was! There were SO MANY people there! It was a blast. =)God is good!