Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hectec day full of colorful moments

Well I know that I updated yesterday, but today has been way to eventful not to share. The day began at 5:30 am. Jackson standing at his crib screaming... *I gotta say I never liked an alarm clock...but I would go back in a heart beat*

Then I was cleaning up because I have found a nursing student at Goshen college that has been coming to watch Jackson when I go to MOTTS on Thursday mornings. She is going to help some while he is in his cast too. it is nice to know that there is a person with emergency experience watching him and that She will be able to use the experience later as well. it got to be 8:30 when I needed to leave and no one was here...So I continued to look for my cell phone that was MIA and waited...when It hit 8 :45 I started to load Jackson's stuff in the car as well. There are certain things I am willing to blow off and miss but MOTTS has become something that I would move heaven and High water to make it too. that is a story I will save for another day. God really had a plan for my morning. Lindsey called and she had gotten lost and needed directions. She arrived about 9 which was when my group started, but oh well. then I left the to 19 and then remembered that there was road construction, so I decided to try and go around. So I ended up lost on some back country road. Beautiful scenery! but remember I didn't have time for this. I found county road 3 and it sounded familiar to the road I jog over too, but i didn't know for sure...all of a sudden i just felt ok. i am going to be late, and look at what I am driving through. It is gorgeous fall colors and beautiful woods. I would have never seen this if I wouldn't have been late, had road construction to go around, and gotten lost. God is good. I ended up making it to MOTTS in around 20 minutes. which is like 10-15 minutes faster than the what it usually takes. How did that happen? There are alot more little things that happened, but all in all my day has turned around. Great trip to you remember what trips to the store are like without a was alot more peaceful not having a child stretching to the shelves and almost falling out of the cart. then I ran into our home nurse from when Jackson came home from the hospital and scheduled a time for her to come see him all big and grown up. then got home and had a happy baby. Something changed from 8:30 t0 noon, what I am not questioning. I had a first steps appointment and added Speech therapy and got rid of the PT that I wasn't completely happy with. All day in the good and the bad God has taught me to find the good in the situation and to enjoy the moments.
It is amazing right now the changing of colors. I think we need to let God change us too and get rid of the old leaves to make room for new ones. Imagine how beautiful that change would look if we give God the chance to change us. Just something I have been thinking about lately. Enjoy the moments of your week and the beautiful colors around you.


Laura said...

Love those God moments. And the gorgeous fall colors too! Driving around Indiana is never as pleasant as in mid-October. :)

Jewel said...

What a wonderful post! You are an amazing woman!

Dena said...

I had a similar experience today Nic!! I was running around crazy like my head was cut off....and then...WOW! Look at those colors...oh my--did I ever just stop right there and simply praise God for painting my afternoon. I absolutely love this time of year. It is my fave-always has been. :) Glad you had some grown up time today-it's important, too!