Sunday, October 26, 2008


We are HOME!!!

we are home and adjusting quickly. I was amazed last night that Jackson did as well as he did. We woke up every four hours for Tylenol and then went right back to sleep. Exactly like clockwork. I have to say the highlight to my day yesterday was when Adrian had Jackson looking out the window and he grabbed the curtain and started playing peek a boo. It brought a smile right to my face. He still knows how to light up a room. He is still mighty uncomfortable, but we are adjusting and his gas has started to come out with I think we are on the up swing. We will see, time will tell.

Our friends have been great. Already calling and setting up there slot to come and visit. Remember guys this is a 6 week ordeal So we can spread it out some. Thank you all for your offers of help and keeping your phone lines open if I need you. It gives me great relief to know people are out there for me if times get rough. We also think that Adrian will be in town the entire 6 weeks which is awesome and somewhat of a miracle this time of year.

This is just a quick we have lots of moving of furniture to do today and putting toys away and getting new ones out that are more suitable. Tomorrow I will post some pictures today we are just adjusting.

thanks for the continued prayers of healing.

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darcy said...

the little guy looks happy! Back to the days of the bouncey seat, eh? Are you going to be at MOTTT'S tomorrow? Hope to see you both there!