Wednesday, October 08, 2008

the day to day of the schrock home....

So we have been grocery shopping and Jackson likes to help. if you get him to close to the aisle, you better check the shopping might have some random box in your cart that you have never seen...see he likes to reach and grab, all while trying not to fall out of the cart. it is quite the sight. when we got home the fun didn't end. I set him down in the living room and by the time I had the groceries on the counter and began to unload them into the frig and freezer, Jackson had begun unloading the freezer. He is totally into helping...or should I say emptying. is funny. Jackson's benefit was this weekend. And as I promised pictures. here are a few. there were so many people...not sure what pictures we got. This shows the outside...check out that line of people...oh never stopped until they ran least of coffee. It was nuts... then the inside. it was a steady flow through all the auction items. it takes a while to look at 74 items and decide what is more important for you to bid on. Then we also got to meet Jon. Jon lives in Michigan and is an 11 year old little boy that has the same genetic association that Jackson does. It was so encouraging to meet him and his mom. Plus we found out they only live like 10 minutes from our house. We definitely will be getting together soon. it is so fasinating to me to hear about Jon's story. It is also like hearing a slightly different version of our own story. Can you believe it all because of a newspaper article. it is so crazy. once we slept in a little and took naps on Saturday we decided to head to the pumpkin patch. it was so funny to watch how excited jackson got. and of course everything went to his was pretty funny...can you see the pumpkin to the right of him in the picture without a stem. there were signs everywhere that said do not pick up by stem. the first thing Jackson did was grab the stem and it just fell off. oooopppppss.......he's cute so he got away with it, no problem.

we got some beautiful mums too..quite cheap i may add. it was fun my mom bought mums too..hopefully they made it back to mn. it was great having my parents here for the week and that they got to see Jackson in prime form, not in a hip cast.

We are now preparing for surgery in two weeks and getting ready for Daddy's busy season. he was gone this week for three days. can't wait to see him tonight. jackson has been pounding on the window saying daddy for the last couple of nights...he is going to be so excited to see him.

we had blood work yesterday that we are still waiting on results of. I am calling now to see what the results were. We are hoping that the antibiotics we have been on for the past three weeks have not done a doosie on our metabolic panel making his kidney work extra hard. of course I am on hold.

we are good to go...everything has remained stable...praise the lord. whoohoo..

hope you all are enjoying your day in on this beautiful fall day of chilly weather and rain. we are...hope the week brightens up a I love fall. Have a good one.


Amber Stoneburner said...

Great news that his kidneys remained stable through all those meds! God is so good isn't he?! Even when it's a rough situation it amazes me, the many ways God chooses to show us love and grace!

Darinifer said...

Thats wonderful Nichole! Jackson looks so happy eating pumpkin stems. It's great your family got to see him toddling around before he got his cast on.

darcy said...

The benefit was SO MUCH fun! And the desserts were seriously the best I've had. =) And those pics of Jackson with the apples (that's what Adie calls pumpkins) is ADORABLE!