Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from our Courageous LION

So I gotta say the best place ever to find your halloween costume is at the Wakarusa Resale...I think I paid 5 dollars for this Lion costume and how cute is he. Isn't he the most adorable Lion you have ever met and the most Courageous too. I gotta say it was very nice to have the costume fit so well over the cast. He will probably be able to wear this next year too. We won't but it was that big. It was fun to dress him up...but not so fun taking him in and out of the car seat. It would have been bad enough with out the cast but with it, it was very frustrating. We only went to see three people and then stopped at Jim and Libby's. This is a tradition that we have upheld since before Adrain and I started Dating. I have always helped them pass out candy. Next year maybe I will make it on time. I was two hours late this year. By that time around 7 they had handed out candy to 432 trick or treaters and there were many more that came while we were there. By the time we left around 8 pm Jackson was very tired and ready to come home. He fell asleep on the way home and is still sleeping peacefully. After our big day today I am sure he will sleep well tonight.


Jill H said...

he is SO adorable!!! what a cute costume :)

Laura said...

Cutest lion ever!

nichole said...

he is SO precious! i love his costume!
& thanks for being so sweet on my blog-i hope i didn't come off like christmas shopping/decorating now is wrong-it was late, i was tired & grumpy! haha. ;)
i plan on starting my shopping soon!
have a great weekend!

Dena said...

Love the little lion!! so cute...glad to know things are settling in to what your "normal" will be for awhile. I just wanted to let you know AGAIN.. how amazing I think you and Adrian and of course, Jackson, are. We're continuing to lift ya all in prayer.

Sasha said...

He is tooo precious..did you get my email about about the puzzle LO I did