Thursday, October 23, 2008

A long day at day Surgery:

Jackson started his day at 5 am. we got to the hospital around 6 am checked in and he went in to the OR around 7:30 am. We have had things put into perspective. In our little area in the waiting room we have one family waiting on a 14 hour brain surgery and a couple who's 11 month old has already had 11 surgeries. We are blessed that Jackson's is short and he has only had a few.I will continue to update through out today. We will leave you with Jackson's last walking picture for the next couple of months. He was not happy until the nurse took him...and of course our social baby loved someone new. They had problems with the IV, so they are putting a central line in instead of an arterial line. This will make life easier after words too. That is the surgery started yet..


Jill said...

Nichole, I am praying for your little boy and for you guys :)

nichole said...

he is just TOO cute!
saying many prayers for a smooth surgery & recovery!

Jackie said...

Hey Nic and Adrian - First of all, our prayers continue for you and Jackson - the recovery and life for the next 6 weeks! I look forward to some "interesting" pictures for the next month or so - I think you'll be surprised at what Jackson can (and will) do while he's in that cast!
and - Thanks for keeping all of us updated on such a busy and stressful day. You are an inspiration!