Friday, October 24, 2008

Update 2 We have been discharged

we met with the Doctor from Ortho and then we saw Dr Billmire too. Dr B was concerned with his vomiting and lack of eating due to the concern of dehydration if he was not on an IV, but she was ok with it if we stayed in town. That way we could take him to the Riley ER if he was dehydrated and they wouldn't be scared by what he looks like in this cast. I will post more pictures of his finished cast when we get home. I just feel bad taking his picture now. he flinches at the flash and then is in some pain. So we will wait.

he is sleeping peacefully right now on the floor propped with pillow for comfort. it is actually quite comfy looking. he started to talk a little tonight once we got to Conrad and Jenna's too. I think he just likes his aunt and uncle and something looked familiar.

We will stay here until he is holding down food consistently and we are still waiting for a big blow out. Til then pray for these things. We could use God's help with all of this. Especially keeping the cast clean during this puking and pooping blow out/diarrhea stuff.

Thank you all for the encouragement and prayers. We appreciate them all.

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cathy b said...

Hi friends - Hope this note finds you all well and Jackson is enjoying eating (& pooping). Look forward to seeing you back in Elkhart. Does this mean we can't get messy or just that we'll have to find a way to cover the cast? I don't know if I can go 6 weeks without getting messy. I'll check your blog for updates. love & light, cathy bazata