Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Business as usual in the home of Jackson

it is funny how life is..........
and it is so sweet to watch you child live life oblivious to what life has handed him. Jackson and I have spent the day doing laundry, packing, cleaning and running last minute errands...and he thinks it is a normal day. He has no idea what is in store for him. We sat down and tried to have a talk about it, but he wanted nothing to do with what I had to say. either he knows it is going to be just fine, or he doesn't have a clue what I am saying to him.

this past weekend we got sometime to hang out with friends, take pictures, watch some football and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. it started Thursday when I found out they had lost our outfits I had ordered for our pictures. I flipped...I had this planned for two weeks...allowing plenty of time for JCPenny to get the clothes to us. I called Adrian in tears sobbing, our pictures aren't going to turn out, we aren't going to match, my vision is not going to happen, it is going to STINK!!! however for a girl who usually can't find anything to wear in a normal store I sure did well...I found two options and took them home. However I settled for a sweater I found buried in my closet from before Jackson was born, that surprisingly fit. Yea!! for no money spending. I also found Adrian and outfit in his closet....God is good...he really wanted us to have the picture we wanted without spending a dime. love it when that happens...well we did buy Jackson a new sweater. Seriously though, when you don't grow you rarely get new it was fun to shop for him. I have to say I saw alot of cute stuff for fall and I was tempted but I didn't...yippppeeee for self control. Our pictures turned out fabulous you can see them at if you look under client you will find our photo shoot. Lee did a great job and we have wonderful choices to choose from. Thanks again Lee for the gift.

back to Friday, friday we took a meal to the Replogle's and then went shopping with Diane to find a couple of choices..also finished up some errands that we needed done before we left..
then we came home and went to our friends Jay and Katy's for a pumpkin carving party.
;) love this picture of JW and Jackson...he looks like such a thug. it makes me laugh. and it is so unusual that he is not beeming with a smile it is nice to have captured his serious side. We enjoyed hot apple cider, a fire and the funnies of watching a bunch of people carve very intricate patterns into pumkins. fun times with friends overall.

then Saturday we had our pictures at one and then made homemade applesauce with Grandma Schrock. Fun to do something as a family. we don't get to do that very often and we had a blast. (Mom, doesn't this pic remind you of the one of Adrian and I with Syd...perfectly coordinated family photo...with someone elses kid. Granted syd looked more like she could be our kid.)
Next we ate homemade chicken noodle soup...great idea for a fall day. then headed over to Seth and Tabitha's for a game of poker and some more time with friends. gotta say I don't promote gambling...but my husband makes it more of a second Job. rarely does he come home without winning anything...but this time he brought home the pot. It was nice to have a little spending money. I should have taken a picture, but is better I guess to not have any evidence of this addiction..
Sunday we went to church, then chior practice and then we headed over to watch the second half of let me say: a brutal ending to the Vikings game. I gotta say both sides played pretty crappy. The Bears defense scored more than there offense. But Jackson enjoyed sitting with the boys and enjoying the day. I was happy to get home and relax. I was exhausted. We will update you on the busy end of our week tomorrow. Have a good one.


Jewel said...

I checked out your family pictures. Those turned out awesome! How are you going to choose?

Dena Deal said... guys are such the social butterflies. But then, well, I can't say much about it cause, well, we are kinda too. AND...I couldn't think of a more deserving couple! You needed to make up for some lost social time-eh? Sounds like a bunch o' fun. We are certainly praying and looking forward to hearing great news following surgery. love to you all.