Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the long weekend

So this weekend didn't start out so well. I changed my plans thursday night to go see my friend Christy, due to her sis having a baby. So I was stumped at what to do? So I moved up some plans from this week. I got together with friends and went out to dinner. Saturday morning I went to Adrian's Bball game. My babe is so cute when he is sliding all over the basketball floor. They lost, not a big surprise...:) Then I went to breakfast with one of my old basketball players. Great breakfast at the "Mayberry" the world's greatest breakfast ever. Then I went home and packed up my, now organized, scrapbooking stuff and headed to Unforgettables (a local scrapping store) to scrap for the day while Adrian went to work. By about one hour into it I felt horrible. But my friends were on their way so I stuck it out. But it only got worse. By two hours later I was ready to curl up on the floor. So my friends helped me pack up and then i drove home...and ran straight to the toilet. I then spent the rest of my weekend pounding a path between the toilet and my couch. I had to call and cancel all of my plans for the rest of the weekend. I ended up having Adrian's family over to my house for birthday dinners on Sunday evening, because I finally felt a little better. But it wasn't until Yesterday at about 2 o'clock that I really felt good again. So I put Macy in her kennel and decided to go shoe shopping with my friend Brianna. Shoe shopping takes the blues away definitely. I love accessories. Shoes, earrings, and handbags. There are so many cute shoes out there though that I wish I could have a shoe shopping spree. Anyway thank you, God...for not letting me go to Lafayette....i would have contaminated Christy and Reagan and I would have felt horrible. We will definitely get together soon!!!:).

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