Saturday, January 21, 2006

My sweet 28

Ok so i never had a sweet sixteen, so i thought i would create my own special day. I shared that yesterday was my birthday and how I was so excited to go out with my amazing husband. They decided to take my challenge and give me a birthday surprise. Don't get me wrong it was no surprise the way I would love one of those someday. Anyway, on to the important stuff, what we did. I started off my night having a drink with some of the girls from school. We headed to Hacienda for Arriba margarita's yumyum, and chips with ranch, of course. Then I headed home to get ready to find out they hadn' t planned on picking Briana up, so I had 15 minutes instead of 45 minutes to get ready. Anyway it worked because I new what i was going to where. Jason came to pick us up. My birthday present from him: He was my DD. Finally!! We picked up Bri and we were on our way. On our way I got a call from my adorable neices...singing happy birthday to me. How cute is that. Lauren talked to me on the phone and told me how much she loves chicken and how much Syd hates it. She also wanted to know how old I was and if I was older than her mom. Quite a mature conversation for a 4 year old. It is so fun to talk to her. The highlight of my day was hearing Syd tell me Happy Birthday. She has just started to talk to me on the phone. Days like this are when I miss home the most. :(
We finished our conversation and then I realized that we were on Main in Mishawaka. We drove past Carrabbas so I new we weren' t going there. Then we past the turn off for the BoneFish Grill, so I had a pretty good idea that we were headed to one of my fav restaurants "Papa Vinos" Yes!!! The best part is we had reservations, so we got seated in within 5 minutes of walking in. No 45 minute wait like at Texas Roadhouse. Although that is well worth the wait. Adrian ordered us a bottle of wine and we all ordered our food. In the meantime, we were highly entertained by our waitress. We like to call her "sidepony". This lady straight out of the eightys, quite the character and man did she love Jason. She started off the night telling us they had a new special that she said"wasn't great". Know that is the way to sell food. Didn't sound that good when she discribed it either. She had some good points though. I got the most delicious piece of caramel, pecan cheesecake, which she decided would be great to serve before my meal. a little different, but at least i wasn't to full to eat it. After our dinner and continued entertainment from Sidepony, we headed to Corby's for a couple drinks and games of pool. It was pretty low key and we were lucky there was only one table open for pool, we snagged it. But it was in the cold part of town, but thanks to our height advantage we learned it takes too pulls to turn off the fans. If anyone wants to know, Adrian and I won 3 to Bri and Jay's 1 game. They think it is because Jay wasn't drinking, I believe it was pure talent on our part. About the third game i started to feel pretty bad. I didn't know if it was the food I ate or what, but we headed back to our house. We watched "Last Action Hero" (it was the only thing on I swear) and drank a bottle of Port. Then i fell asleep and Bri and Jay tried to sneak out, but i woke up before they were gone. I locked the door behind them and went to bed. Noone found any lettuce either.


Darcy said...

Happy B-Day, Nic! Sounds like you had a very eventful night.

Didn't know your MIL worked at Unforgettables! Was there before the boys b-ball game on Sat and saw her. She is so super sweet..

Anonymous said...

I think another highlight of your bday was the sixth graders singing happy birthday to you, with very enthusiastic "cha-cha-cha's." Oh, and don't forget the mini-frosty. :)
Now, as far as pool goes, it was the drinks that hurt my team...and my random talent. Too few for us (they're performance enhancing) and too few for you (performance ruining).
I bet you never imagined your bday would include "Last Action Hero"--surprise!!! :)
(Perhaps another evening will include a hunt for lettuce at the salad bar.)