Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lauren has something to tell you.....

Tonight I got a phone call and it started out "Lauren has something she wants to tell you" When Lauren got on the phone...she said. "you're going to be an aunt again." I found out that next August Adrian and I will be an Aunt and Uncle again. She has a doctor appointment on Tuesday to determine actual due date. Lauren has been asking for a new baby since about last fall, when she asked Adrian and I when she was goin to have a new baby cousin. Are response was in a couple of years. So hopefully she gets her baby fix from her new brother or sister.

Yippie...another baby!!!


christy said...

Congrats! I guess the congrats would go to your bro and SIL, but congrats nonetheless!!

Love ya,

Darcy said...

YEAH!!! You can never have too many neices and nephews. =) CONGRATS!!!