Thursday, January 19, 2006

Football Season

The second question I was asked the night Adrian proposed was "Can we get Purdue Season Tickets?" This fall we enjoyed our first full season of Purdue Football.
It was all it was cracked up to be. Except I expected cold weather, like last year...seen in the photo to the left. Stocking caps, 50 layers of clothes and jackets. I remember it vividly...freezing in a tent in 30 degree weather is hard to forget. Then I was only more surprised to have the rude awakening of bar hoppers diving in our tent at 4 am. People that i had never met. Crazy first meetings. That weekend Purdue had a disappointing loss to Wisconsin. However disappointing, I was pumped for this years season. We spent most weekends with JW, Jay, Seth, Tabitha, Heather, Pope, occasionally Alex and Miranda, Colby and Adam. It was a lot of fun and there are always randoms that stop by too.

who wouldn't, look at the attractions!! Friendly faces waving you in, Strange looking people running around with capes on and shorts pulled up like Urcle, and random people sleeping with Bailey. ok he is not random, we know's Pope. Imagine this all happens before game time, whether the game is at noon, 3pm or doesn't matter

the festivities go on. The purdue colors are always worn proudly and flags are always waving no matter what the outcome of the game. We are looking forward to yet another awesome football season. Go Boilers!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Hail Hail to ol Purdue!!
I *heart* FB season!!!
During my college days... a long time ago.... I dated a few guys on the team...
now I look at these "babies" and get worried that they will get hurt!!
we love tailgating..and an occasional bfast club..
(just to rekindle our youth!!)
hopefully next season will be better than 05'. =)