Friday, January 06, 2006

almost online

Wow it was fun to have a friend to help set up the new page. I am now more confident that i know what is going on. i will learn the picture thing soon and then i can get started on sharing with home and friends. Can't wait, it will be fun. I am excited because this will be a way to share pictures and to see what is going on with us way out her in indiana. Being so far away from home gets more difficult instead of easier. Thanks to blogging it will finally be a link to home. I have never been a digital picture fan so it will be interesting getting pictures on the computer, but i have some ways. People from home want to see wedding pictures, some honeymoon pics and pictures of the house. So we will start there and see what else happens and share from there. Oh yeah sorry Christy and pictures of my puppy macy. She is my pride and joy, i can't believe I forgot her.

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christy said...

poor macy! how could you forget her? ;-)