Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crazy Tuesday

* it all started at 6:15, when I got a wonderful wakeup call from my husbad as he said goodbye and ventured off to Warsaw. Then of course He thought it would be funny to let Macy say good morning too. Wet willys from a dog at 6 am is not what I call fun. For all you non-morning people out understand my pain.

*about 10 minutes later I rolled out of bed and took a shower. I then got ready and ate breakfast.

*While eating breakfast Macy and I have routine to play fetch. She barks to try to tell me each morning that she would prefer eating my breakfast, but she settles for the attention and love from here mom.

* at about 7:40 I put Macy in her kennel and head out the door for my 30 hour of God time and driving to Goshen Middle school.

* the day went well I read tests to my first and 2nd periods, worked on Projects with my 3rd Period...then came my dreaded fourth period and it was nothing but one frustration after another. I have a student in this class that is the world's greatest manipulator. The problem is that he asks for help, but doesn't listen when you try to explain things to him. Then when the whole class is learning a new lesson he is talking to his neighbor. Of course not listening. But then has the gaul to turn around and asked me what are we doing, I don't get it. ARRRRGGGG!!!

*My relief comes with the ring of the fourth period bell. 5th period is a breeze I work with one of the greatest science teachers of all time. Come on he lets us learn science by sorting through Garbage, dissecting owl pellets, (for those of you that are going what that is? It is owl vomit including all of the fur and bones of every creature that the owl has eaten in the past 14-24 hours. Don't worry they use dissecting tools and the vomit has been sanitized. ) and various other games and things...we rarely read the textbook or take notes. It is great. It didn't even seem like we started and the bell rang for us to go home.

*Then i left school immediately to head home to let Macy out and to give her a treat...(a carrot, PB and celery Kong...she loves human food). Then I had to put her back in her kennel. My Poor baby.

* I then changed my clothes and headed to the Group home to start my second job for the day. The ladies in the group home crack me up. It was great relief after a frustrating day at school. I got paid to do goal work and play uno and skippo ( the greatest game ever, right Christy) with one of the residents for like 3 hours. THen it was time for me to leave.

* now I don't know where all of you live. But last night in Elkhart...we had a thunderstorm with thunder and lightening, then an hour later we had, sleat and by the time I got home we had Full out snow.

*don't let me get ahead of myself. the drive home was a story in itself. I left the group home around 9 pm. I turned on to indiana ave. not knowing exactly how to get home avoiding the train, that can I say was going extremely slow. So I decided to head straight going about 20 miles an hour. as I began to turn around a gradual corner a guy pulled out in front of me. I had no option other than to hit my breaks. I hit them then tapped them, but my rear end had already started to slide. It wasn't long before i was turning all the way around out of control. My concern was that the cars behind me had saw me sliding and had slowed down so there wouldn't be a multi car pile up. They just drove past me. I paused and decided to go in the direction i was know facing...back the way I had come... to the main road 33. I thought there was a possibility that they had sanded or salted that road. No luck.

* However i did have some luck going approximately 10 miles an hour the rest of the way home. I was on Greenleaf and for those that don't know Elkhart...that put me very close to home. I was about a mile away...when another wonderful driver decided he was in a hurry and pulled out in front of me. This time I tapped my brakes at 15 miles an hour and went into another 180 this one was really scary do to the two cars barreling behind me at 30 miles an hour. I sat there for a couple minutes. Decided to say a quick prayer for safety getting home.

* at this point i wished i could perform a body transport that would put me curled up under a blanket on my couch with my puppy at my feet. watching something funny like american idol tryouts. But that of course was not reality and I still had one mile to drive home. By the can i not control things at 10-15 miles and hour and all the other cars were fine at 30mph...i don't get it? All in all I made it home the total of 4 miles in about 40 minutes. Not bad for icy roads, two 180 degree turn arounds and two maniac drivers.

* the rest of the evening was peaceful. I hung out with my two babies, macy ate and we watched some tv and relaxed. We went to bed around 10:30. I was exhausted.

quite frankly this is really a normal day. minus the driving incidents. Those I usually don't have. I think it is time to check the tires on the car.


Darcy said...

Are you sure owl vommit can be sterilized? Yikes.

Glad your car trip was okay.. with just a few full turns in there. It was NASTY Tues night!!!

christy said...

weather here was not at all like that ... it was kinda cold this week, but not a hint of snow. :-)

I loved disecting owl pellets when I was in ecology! that was so much fun. I had every single bone of a bird and was able to reconstruct his (or her) skeleton from picking through the fur and bones in the owl pellet. It was sooo cool! The teaching that I am learning about is very much like that. Rarely any textbooks and mostly hands-on active learning. Its much better than reading boring stuff from textbooks.

Oh, and yes, skip bo is very high on the list of the worlds greatest games. I always had fun playing it with you and Jay. later duder!!