Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pictures, pictures picture.....

Here you go Christy she is the first picture I am going to try.

This is my baby....MACY happy four month birthday. Isn't she cute. The toy she is playing with use to have a squeaker thingy inside and lets just say that it is no longer in one piece and the toy
now has a large hole in the middle of the fabric. Our baby is getting her adult teeth. She now chews on everything. Her toys, the furniture (if we don't pay attention too her), and my arm when she wants my attention. But no matter how bad she is, she has this look that gets her out of trouble right away. (unless she breaks my skin....then we have problems.

Above is a picture of Haley I found it is some old pictures but it freaked me out to think that Macy is four months old. She will be this big in two-three more months what am i going to do. She is going to control the house. It would be so nice to have Haley back. Over Christmas, JW brought Bailey over and they played for a night. Macy was so tired the next day, it was GREAT. Sorry I thought i had the pictures on my cd and i don't i will post them this week. Macy was so small in comparison that Baley shot putted her across the room. hehehe.
I also gotta brag about the other adorable girls in my life. My neices, Lauren and Sydney. Aren't they adorable. This was from the wedding i August and the following ones were from Thanksgiving. I know I am so slow. Don't worry fam... i will post more wedding pictures later this week. I clearly couldn't post them all, but I will some of my favorites.

I can't get enough of these too. They are too cute.

But the cutest of them all is my man.. So I have to post him too. This picture has some mighty cool memories. I have to tell the story. We hadn't been on a date in forever, so we were talking about something that we could do that would cost a whole lot, but would be fun...and a guy Adrian works with called and asked us if we wanted to go to a Notre Dame football game. I didn't know what Adrian would say, being such a Purdue fan, but he wanted to go. So we met the guy to get the tickets a couple hours before the game in Mishawaka. When he handed us the tickets he told us the were front row twenty yard line. MY JAW hit the flour....he gave us front row tickets for free, this was awesome. I was going to see a former NFL coach and furture NFL players play and see their faces how cool was that. Not only that but I had one of the coolest dates ever and all it cost was the $12.oo for the pop and hotdogs we ate for lunch. Sweet huh?? (the tickets came with a parking pass too, that rocked too...approximately 1 block from the stadium). It will be hard to top this date.

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christy said...

I'm so glad to finally see pictures up here! Congrats on getting them on with no trouble. You did good!! :-) Your little neices are too cute!!!