Wednesday, February 08, 2006

an ovarian hysterectomy.....

Adrian and I have been married for 6 months which also makes Macy 5 months old as well. I have no idea what that will be in dog years. Like 3 years old human maybe. She is so stinkin adorable. Yesterday however she spent the day at the vet. She has a bacteria and yeast infection in her ears. Poor thing itches them ferociously it is hard to watch....and when you know how bad an ear infection really don't want to stop her either. She now has antibiotics twice a day and had a shot yesterday to reduce her fever. I know she is not a human....but it is scary how similar they are. The vet said this is pretty normal for labs during teething.
At the vet yesterday they also scheduled her for an OVARIAN what ever happened to spaying. Tell me that doesn't sound like she is human. HEHE:)

On Monday night Adrian and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary by me cooking some italian chicken and veggies and Adrian bringing me home flowers. He is so sweet sometimes. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings us. So far we have continued to grow together, learned so hard life lessons and just grew more in love with each other each day. It was so sweet of him to come home on Monday at a normal time so we could hang out. Granted we hung out and watched a movie and both fell asleep by about 7:30. We are either really old or extremely exhausted. I loved our evening. Just to have him around that evening was gift enough for me.

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christy said...

of course she's like a human to you, she's your little baby and she's so stinkin' adorable, too! i hope she gets to feeling better.

yay to adrian for bringing you flowers. i think its great to have romantic stuff every once in a while ... i think if it was all the time it wouldn't be as meaningful.

love ya,